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Welcome to VIPFITNESS' Fitness Teens Page!

Shpresa's "VIP Fitness Teens" program seeks to encourage teenagers to get off the couch and onto the exercise floor! VIP Fitness Teens has contributed millions of dollars of free memberships, special programs and incentives to teen girls towards this goal!

What's New with VIP Fitness Teens!

Read about the VIP Fitness Teens program and the crowning of our "VIP Fitness Teen" using the yellow links in the section below.

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Shpresa Perlleshi Crowns Winner of "VIP Fitness Teen"
in White Plains at Her Lady of America Facility!

White Plains, NY — Shpresa Perlleshi, owner of the Lady of America fitness facility and Editor-in-Chief of Fit Body Magazine has announced the winner of VIP Fitness Teen, Brittany Collins! Brittany lost a total of 12 pounds in 12 weeks on Shpresa's Double Pump Program. Laura Gentile came in second place losing a total of 17 pounds, and Stephanie Camano came in 3rd place losing tremendous inches in her waist area. Each of the girls worked very hard at obtaining and accomplishing their individual goals. All of the girls from White Plains High School have been given free memberships at the Lady of America facility between the hours of 3-5PM Monday through Friday. Shpresa has extended the memberships to include full access during the summer months and will be giving all teenage girls between the ages of 14-19 years full free memberships when their mothers join.

Shpresa Perlleshi is currently Editor-in-Chief of Fit Body Magazine. She has acted as spokesperson for the highly successful Lady of America Franchise. Shpresa has appeared numerous times on NBC including her 12-Week Better Body Challenge in which ratings soared. She'll now be using her exposure and exercise expertise to keep her Lady of America club on the cutting edge and mentor teenage girls to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

For more on the "VIP Fitness Teens" initiative please contact us at 914.448.2639.

Getting America's Girls into Shape!

"We want to provide a place for women to be able to acclimate themselves to a healthy lifestyle at a young age. We feel it is important to offer them this opportunity so that they can begin to develop positive living habits in their teenage years that can start them out on the right path for a healthy life as they grow older. We’ve seen the studies and have seen the rise in the overweight epidemic facing the youth of America. We want to make sure that our younger generation of women has the opportunity to experience the thrill of working out in a safe, comfortable, female-only environment and improve their lives through fitness."

The decision to develop this program for teens was an easy one when confronted with the startling statistics. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 50% of students in grades 9 through 12 watched television more than 2 hours per day once they got home from school. Combined with the failing efforts of our nation's physical education programs, our children aren't receiving the necessary tools to become healthy adults. Our teenage girls are in desperate need of direction to keep healthy.

According to the same study, overweightedness and obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our country on all levels. In 2003, an estimated 34% of U.S. adults and 15% of our children were overweight or obese. Those figures are nearly three times larger then they were in 1980. This alarming rise in overweightedness and obesity is due in part to the more modern society that we live in but mostly because we have not been confronting this problem where it starts, in our childhood.

Through easy access to fitness, education and awareness, we have an opportunity to confront these conditions and prevent unnecessary disease and disability that foreshadows their future. Through education and awareness, we have the ability to empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Taking action at this age will have a profound effect on increasing the quality and years of healthy living and on eliminating health disparities in the United States.